IJMEMR Volume 1 issue 2, July 2013

International Journal of Modern Engineering & Management Research

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1. Change of Filler from Talc to Wet Ground Calcium Carbonate-A Noble Way to Reduce Fiber Consumption
Author (s) : Ajinkya Deepak Anjikar | Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati
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2. Simulation and Analysis of DG-MOSFET for Ultra Low Power
Author(s) : Sara Varghese, Prof. Deepak Asati | G.G.I.T.S, Jabalpur
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3. Cloud Rendering System
Author(s) : Mukta Bhatele, Yogesh Khullar
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4. An Approach for Image Matching based on ACO Fuzzyfication
Author(s) : Sourabh Jain, Dr. Sadhna Mishra, Prof. Vineet Richariya | L.N.C.T., Bhopal
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5. Visual Cryptography Schemes: A Comparative Survey
Author(s) : Mukta Bhatele, L. N. Pandey
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6. Improvement Electrical Insulation for Partial Discharge : Using Large Capacitors Technique System
Author(s) : Amita Jain, Prof. Arun Pachori | JEC, Jabalpur
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7. Computer Aided Design of Ginning Machine Gear Box and its Performance Evaluation
Author (s) : Parag S. Warghade, Prof N. W. Kale, Prof. A.V. Akhare, Prof. A. S. Wagh
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8. Secure Transmission of Medical Images by Applying Wavelet and Neural Networks
Author (s) : Mukta Bhatele, Neelu Dubey, Neeraj Shukla, Sandeep Kumar Gupta
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9. Reduction of Flooding Disruption Attacks in Hierarchical Optimized Link State Routing (HOLSR) Networks Using NS-3
Author (s) : Priyanka Gupta, Prof. Manoj Dhawan | Vaishnav Institute, Indore
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10. Implementation of New Approach of Kalman Filter for Highly Noise Resistive Communication
Author (s) : Salil Jain, Prof. Ravi Mohan, SRIT, Jabalpur
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11 Social Image Retrieval using Tag Relevance with Neighbourhood Voting
Author (s) : Sandeep Kumar Gupta, Prof. Hitesh Gupta, Patel Institute, Bhopal
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12 FPGA Based an Unique Modulo Multiplier Design for High Speed Secure Network
Author (s) : Santosh Chouhan, Prof. Sumit Sharma, Prof. Ravi Mohan | Shri Ram Institute, Jabalpur
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13 Line Loss Calculation, Reduction Analysis and Load Current Variation in Amarkantak to Jabalpur (MPPTCL) Transmission Line
Author (s) : Bushra Anjum, Prof. Arun Pachori, JEC, Jabalpur
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14. A Watermarking Scheme Based on Authority Defined Pixel Location Based on Singular Value Decomposition
Author (s) : Sweta Gupta, Prof. Sandeep Kumar Gupta
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15. Website Generator on Hospital Management System
Author (s) : Devanshu Saraf, Javed Akhtar Khan, | TIET, Jabalpur
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