IJMEMR Volume 2 issue 1, March 2014

International Journal of Modern Engineering & Management Research

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1. An Intelligent control based Self tuned Fuzzy Logic with Indirect Vector controlled of Induction Motor Drive
Author (s) : Preeti Shankhwar, Prashant Singh | TIT, Bhopal
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2. Secured Transaction Mechanism over Cloud Computing SaaS layer
Author (s) : Neha Jain, Ashok Verma | GGITS, Jabalpur
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3. Electrochemical Trace Analysis of Valuable Metals in Chalcopyrite ORE
Author (s) : Ms. Bindu Bhatt, HCET, Jabalpur
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4. Analysis and Control of Harmonics Using Shunt Active Power Filter
Author (s) : Saba Siraj, JEC, Jabalpur
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5. Android Based Universal Vehicle Diagnostics and Tracking System
Author(s): Pol Sharad Ganapati, Bobe Anup Dattatraya, Gholap Siddharth Popatrao, R. A. Kadu
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6. A New Architecture of RISC cum CISC Processor Architecture
Author(s) : Vivek Dubey, Ravi Mohan | SRIT, Jabalpur
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7. Impact of Wormhole Attacks On DV-Hop Positioning in Wireless Sensor Networks
Author(s) : Aparna Pandey, Sanjay Gupta | VITS, Jabalpur
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8. New Approach for Affine Combination of A New Architecture of RISC cum CISC Processor
Author (s) : Shaily Agrawal, Shadma Pragi | Takshshila, Jabalpur
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9. Steganography with Cryptography for Highly Secure Data Hiding
Author(s): Vartika Pandya, Meenal Jain, Ravi Mohan| SRIT, Jabalpur
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10. An approach of Vedic Multiplication Technique for Optimising Logic Delay in MAC Unit
Author(s): Nidhi Rajput, Rakesh Patel | Takshshila, Jabalpur
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11. Intrusion Detection System Using Double Filteringand Session Layer Approaches
Author (s): Hemendra Singh Yadav, Niresh Sharma | RKDF, Bhopal
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12. A Review Study of Wireless Sensor Network and Lifetime of Sensor Network
Author(s) : Javed Akhtar Khan | TIET, Jabalpur
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