IJMEMR Volume 4 issue 1, March 2016

International Journal of Modern Engineering & Management Research

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1. Natural Language Processing & Ant Clustering Based Information Retrieval from Temporal Databases
Author(s) : Kavindra Markam, Anupam Choudhary, Sapna Choudhary
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2. A Survey on Energy Efficient Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Network
Author(s) : Rohit Dubey, Rohan Rajoriya, Sapna Choudhary
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3. Mitigation of Wireless Sensor Network Using NS 3
Author(s) : Deepesh Nigam, Sujeet Tiwari | LNCT, Jabalpur
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4. Performance Evaluation of Meta Heuristic Based Feature Selection on Various Learner Algorithm
Author(s) : Neha Asati, Sujeet Kumar Tiwari, LNCT, Jabalpur
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5. Effect of NIP Pressure Parameters on Substrate’s Surface Characteristics and Printability in Roto-Gravure Printing
Author(s) : Shrikant Tora, Sanjay Sharma
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6. Survey on Cloud Computing in Load Balancing Algorithms
Author(s) : Shriram Dhurvey , Sujeet Tiwari | JEC, Jabalpur
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