IJMEMR Volume 7 Issue 2, June 2019

International Journal of Modern Engineering & Management Research

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1. Impact of Harmonics on Performance of Energy Efficient and Standard Induction Motor in MATLAB Environment
Author(s) : Shivika Jain, Pramod Dubey | TIET, Jabalpur
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2. Thermal Analysis of I C Engine Fins using ANSYS Software
Author(s) : Nitesh Vaishnav, Satya Narayan Dubey | Indore
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3. Thermal Analysis of Chitosan by using Differential Scanning Calorimetry
Author(s) : Ramesh Jamre, Mohit Maheshwarkar | Indore
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4. A 10-bit 100MS/s Memristor Based Pipelined ADC in Digital CMOS Technology
Author(s) : Priyanka Kumari, Shyam Akashe | ITM University, Gwalior
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5. An Investigation on Barriers Responsible for Implementation of E-Procurement Process in Organizations using Interpretive Structural Modeling Approach
Author(s) : Ifthakaruzzama, Shyam Kumar Barode | BIST, Bhopal
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6. A Review on Real Time Object Classification using Various Computer Vision Techniques
Author(s) : Vaishali Urkude ,Pankaj Pandey | OIST, Bhopal Replica Watches
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