IJMEMR Volume 2 issue 3, September 2014

International Journal of Modern Engineering & Management Research

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1. Design a Very Highly Avalanched Encryption Technique for Secure Networks
Author (s) : Shikha Patel, Prof. Papiya Dutta, GGCT, Jabalpur
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2. Parallel Distributed Arithmetic Technique for Discrete Wavelet Transform, Low Latency & High Throughput
Author (s) : Sara Varghese, Ptof. Utsav Malviya, G.G.I.T.S, Jabalpur
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3. XXTEA an Optimized Encryption Design with High Feedback Substitution Box Architecture
Author (s) : Satish Kumar Vishwakarma, Prof. Shivam Khare | VITS, Jabalpur
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4. Alternate Strip Millimeter Wave Dipole Antenna
Author (s) : Waqar Yunus, Prof. Zohaib Hasan | GGITS, Jabalpur Rolex Replica Watches
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5. Performance of Gaussian and Soliton pulse in Optical OFDM System
Author (s) : Ruhi Khetrapal , Vipul Awasthi | GGITS., Jabalpur
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6. Removing Image Gaussian Noise Using Riesz Wavelet Transform and SVM
Author (s) : Mukta Bhatele, Siddharth Bhalerao, Kartik Shukla
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7. Design and Implementation of Pipelined 4-Bit Binary Multiplier Using M.G.D.I. Technique
Author(s): Nitin Singh, M.Zahid Alam | L.N.C.T., Bhopal
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8. An Efficient Adaptive RNS Filter Design on High Speed FPGA
Author (s): Divyansh Namdev, Rakesh Patel | Takshshila, Jabalpur
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9. Image Compression Organizing Map
Author(s): Shabbir Ahmad, M.R. Aloney, Bhagwant University, Ajmer www.swiss-clock.me
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