IJMEMR Volume 7 Issue 1, March 2019

International Journal of Modern Engineering & Management Research

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1. Novel Approach for Image Resolution Enhancement
Author(s) : Ajay Sonkesriya, Kalaniketan, Jabalpur
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2. A Novel Cryptography Theme to Make Sure Hadoop Based Mostly Cloud Knowledge Security
Author(s) : Neha Garg, Sapna Choudhary Anupam Choudhary | Jabalpur
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3. Based Mostly Job Planning Formula in Cloud Computing
Author(s) : Shefali Chaurasia, Sapna Choudhary Anupam Choudhary | Jabalpur
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4. Multi-Level Authentication Technique for Accessing Cloud Service
Author(s) : Priyanka Deshmukh, Sapna Choudhary Anupam Choudhary | Jabalpur
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5. Assessment of Energy Efficient and Standard Induction Motor in MATLAB Environment
Author(s) : Shivika Jain, Pramod Dubey | TIET, Jabalpur
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6. Steady-State and Dynamic Performance of A 9 MW Wind Farm Connected to a Distribution System
Author(s) : Preeti Singh, Pramod Dubey | TIET, Jabalpur
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7 Voltage Stability Estimation of Electric Power System Using L-Index
Author(s) : Om Prakash Agrawal, Pramod Dubey | TIET, Jabalpur
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8. Assessment of Boiler Efficiency in Thermal Power Plant by Using Audit Tool
Author(s) : Rahul Trele, Pramod Dubey | TIET, Jabalpur
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