IJMEMR Special Issue August 2017

International Journal of Modern Engineering & Management Research

All India Seminar on
Futuristic Trends in Telecommunication Engineering & Telecom Panorama – Fundamentals and Evolving Technology, with Particular Reference to Smart City on 5th – 6th August 2017
Organized by
The Institution of Engineers (India)
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1. Performance Improvement in Terms of Availability in Ad hoc Cloud over MANET
Author(s): Mukta Bhatele, Sadhana Tripathi | GGITS, Jabalpur
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2. Load Balancing Techniques in Wireless Networks
Authors(s): Atul Kumar Pandey, Dr. Mahesh Motwani, Dr. Piyush Kumar Shukla | UIT, RGPV, Bhopal
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3. Image and Pattern Based Multi-Factor Authentication
Authors(s): Dileep Kori, Prateek Gupta | SRIST, Jabalpur
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4. Comparative Study of Various Lossless Compression methods of Medical Images and Enhancing its Security Technologies (ICT) at SLDC
Authors(s): Mukta Bhatele, Meghna Gupta
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5. A Review on Synthesis and Characterization of ZNS:CR
Authors(s): Dr. Kirti Vishwakarma, Kamlesh Patel, O.P. Vishwakarma GGITS, Jabalpur
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6. Next Generation Access Networks: A Step Change in Speed
Authors(s): Kirti Raghuvanshi, Snehanshu Shome, Keshu Malviya | JEC, Jabalpur audemars piguet replica watches
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7. Naive Differences of Executable Code
Author(s): G. Shashank Rao, Jatin Beohar, Jeevesh Kataria | JEC, Jabalpur
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8. Delay Analysis of AODV Protocol with Varying Speed and Maximum Connections
Author(s): Mahima Jaiswal, Shailesh Khaparkar, Ritesh Beohar | JEC, Jabalpur
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9. Chronological Growth in Telecom Sector
Author(s): Sanjay Kumar Verma, Tarun Kumar Anand, Saleem Akhtar, Sagar Shrivastava | TIET, Jabalpur
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10. Spectrum Sensing Techniques in Cognitive Radio: A Survey
Author(s): Shobhit Verma | TIET, Jabalpur
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11. Secure Data Transfer for Mobile and Smart Devices in Mobile Cloud Computing Environment based on Cloudlet Approach
Author(s): Mukta Bhatele, Anshita Khare | GGITS, Jabalpur
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12. Text Line Segmentation Based on Horizontal Projection Method
Author(s): Ashna Joysi Gaikwad, Siddharth Bhalerao | GGCT, Jabalpur
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13. A Cloud Aided Content Distribution and Registration Service
Author(s): Bhawna Kol, Sapna Choudhary  | SRGI, Jabalpur
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14. Traffic Management System for Smart City Project
Author(s): Aayushi Jain , Nidhi Kaushal, Shivani Mishra, | JEC, Jabalpur
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15. Application of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) at SLDC
Author(s): Rajesh Gupta | MPPTCL Jabalpur
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16. A VMM-Based Intrusion Prevention System in Cloud Computing Environment
Author(s): Mukta Bhatele, Nishalee Choubey | GGITS, Jabalpur
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17. Secure IoT (SIT) Performance Evaluation with Respect to DNA Based Encryption Imaging Technique
Author(s): Nikita Asrani, Vipul Awasthi, Vinod Kapse | GGITS, Jabalpur
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18. An Automated Garbage Collection for Smart City (An Innovative Approach)
Author(s): Mukta Bhatele, Saurabh Singh, Divyani Indurkhya, Aditya Tiwari, Shailja Shukla
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19. MATLAB/Simulink Model of Solar PV Module
Author(s): Shiv Prakash Kushwaha, Ruchi Pandey | GGITS, Jablapur
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20. Optimum Utilization of Parking Area
Author(s): Shiv Prakash Kushwaha, Ruchi Pandey | GGITS, Jablapur
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21. Effect of Temperature on PV Module and Experimental Study of Cooling by Air Blower
Author(s): Pooja Raval, Pragyan Jain
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22. Comparative Study of Different Types of Configurations for Photovoltaic Panels in Indian Climatic Zones
Author(s): Pankhuri Sharma, Ruchi Pandey, GGITS, Jabalpur
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23. Multi-Level Authentication and Data Privacy Technique for Accessing Cloud Services
Author(s): Mukta Bhatele, Neha Bairagi | GGITS, Jabalpur
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24. Building Competency for Smart Grid Implementation in India
Author(s): Dr. Vivek Chandra
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