IJMEMR Volume 5 Issue 1, March 2017

International Journal of Modern Engineering & Management Research

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1. Traffic Redundancy Elimination and Bandwidth Optimization Over Cloud
Author(s) : Iti Jain, Hitesh Gupta, Sweta Gupta, Dr.Vineet Richhariya
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2. Improving the Contrast Level of Images Captured From Satellite Using Dwt and Sharpness Preserving Algorithm
Author(s) : Amrata Dixit, Sujeet Kumar Tiwari, LNCT, Jabalpur
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3. Design and Implementation of Single Bit ALU Using PTL & GDI Technique
Author(s): Nidhi Dubey, Divyanshu Rao, SRIT, Jabalpur
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4. Speed Efficient Fast Carry Select Adder Using Modified BEC
Author(s): Saurabh Chourasia, Pravin Tiwari, TIET, Jabalpur
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5. A Novel Approach for Implementing of UDP/IP Stack in FPGA
Author(s): Abhishek Sahu, Prajyant Pathak | LNCT, Jabalpur
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6. Booth Multiplier Implementation Using Low Power Finfet Technique
Author(s): Amit Rajawat, Dr. Shyam Akashe | ITM University, Gwalior
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7. Analysis of AES Algorithm Using S-BOX
Author(s): Ankit Soni, Amit Mishra, VITS, Jabalpur
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8. Survey on Security Mechanisms for Public Cloud Data
Author(s): Dalveer Kaur, Sapna Jain Choudhary, SRGI, Jabalpur
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9. A Survey on Black Hole Attack for Trust Management in Wireless Sensor Networks
Author(s): Palak Jain, Sapna Jain Choudhary, SRGI, Jabalpur
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10. Fuzzy & Attribute Identity Encryption Schemes with Non Monotonic Structures in Cloud Computing – A Comprehensive Study
Author(s): Himani Tiwari, Abhishek Pandey | TIET, Jabalpur
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11. A Review on Routing Protocol in MANET
Author(s): Abhay Kumar Nema, Deepak Agrawal | TIET, Jabalpur
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12. A Review on Clustering Algorithms in Wireless Sensor Networks
Author(s): Akanksha Nema, Deepak Agrawal | TIET, Jabalpur
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13. A Sustainable Decision Support System for Scheduling of Cascaded Hydropower Plants
Author(s): Manoj Kumar Shukla | Kalaniketan, Jabalpur
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14. Study of Physical and Mechanical Behavior of Mortar Containing Silica Fume and Waste Glass Powder
Author(s): Dhirendra Patel, Jabalpur rolex replica watches
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